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Best LED trade show display and banner stand light

Silicon Lightworks specializes in battery-powered LED lighting solutions for the trade show exhibit industry. Our mission is to provide trade show exhibitors with reasonably priced "best-in-class" LED trade show exhibit lights, while simultaneously reducing or eliminating excessive electric fees charged by venue operators. We accomplish this mission by designing ultra-bright, ultra-efficient LED lights that are capable of running on both battery and traditional "plug-in" power. As a result, our customers have the flexibility to illuminate their booths with or without purchasing overpriced "floor power" (see below for more details).


Stop Wasting Money!

We've all been there...the show is over and the final bill arrives. To your dismay and disgust, hundreds of dollars of inflated and excessive fees are padding the bill. Until now there wasn't much you could do. Fortunately, Silicon Lightworks has developed a practical and affordable solution to help you fight back....Namely, our full line of ultra-bright, ultra-efficient battery-powered LED exhibit lights that are specifically designed to operate over 14 hours on a single battery charge. As a result, exhibitors can now attend shows without purchasing electric power or labor!


Survey of Trade Show Electricity Rental Fees - Floor Power

Real Bottom Line Savings

Convention centers charge on average over $155 per show for only 500 watts of power, not including labor! (see survey here). Eliminating this fee translates into real bottom line savings that really add up over time. In effect, our battery operated lighting system actually pays for itself in only 2 or 3 events. Importantly, our lithium-ion Mobile Power Center not only powers our full line of lights, it also has a built-in USB port capable of charging nearly every phone or tablet on the market today. And if you're worried about having power to charge your laptop, netbook or other electronic devices, we also carry a Univerisal Connector Pack that works seamlessly with our Mobile Power Center allowing you to charge almost any electroic device that operates from 12 volts to 19 volts.






To Learn More

To learn more about how Silicon Lightworks can service your lighting needs and save you significant money in the process, please explore our website or contact one of our experienced lighting specialists today toll free at (800) 926-3520. Sales support is also available via email at: sales@siliconlightworks.com.