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CL-700 Light Kit (Black)

CL-700 Light Kit (Black)

SAVE OVER 15% compared to purchasing each light kit component separately.

Additional discounts are available for large quantity purchases. Please call to inquire.

Product Description

This light kit includes 2 LED Exhibit Lights (1 Primary + 1 Secondary), a Mobile Power Center & AC Adapter (i.e. battery & charger), along with 2 clamps or brackets of your choice. The Mobile Power Center that comes with this light kit provides approximately 8 hours of run time when powering both lights at the same time. Up to 2 additional Secondary Lights may be added to create a 3-light or 4-light setup. Please see "Product Details" below for additional important product information.

Product Code: CLK-02b
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Available Options

* Mounting Options (1 per Light):

* Select Link Cable Length:

Optional Extra Secondary Lights (with Link Cable):

Optional Upgrades (Save Even More!):

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     If you want the flexibility to run your CL-700 LED Exhibit Lights from both plug-in or battery power and save money as well, the CL-700 Light Kit is a great option for you. At $329, you're getting over a 15% discount compared to purchasing the kit components separately. Up to 2 additional Secondary Lights may be added from the drop-down menu above to create a 3-light or 4-light setup. Please note that when running on battery power, each additional light added will reduce runtime as noted in the chart below.

Creating a Chain of Lights: All of our arm lights are designed to easily connect together using a single power source (i.e. from a plug-in AC Adapter or battery). To create a chain of lights, simply connect the Primary Light using its 10ft Power Cable to the included AC Adapter. Additional Secondary Lights can then be connected to the Primary Light using either 5ft or 10ft Link Cables (your choice of length selected above). You may power/link up to 4 lights at once (1 Primary + 3 Secondary) to our 31W Standard AC Adapter or battery. You may power/link up to 8 lights at once (1 Primary + 7 Secondary) to our 60W High-Power AC Adapter (included as a free upgrade if adding a 2nd battery above). 

PLEASE NOTE: Primary Lights are identical in construction and design to Secondary Lights. The only difference being a Primary Light comes with an AC Adapter and 10ft Power Cable and always is positioned as the first light in the chain to provide power to all additional connected lights. By comparison, a Secondary Light comes with either a 5ft or 10ft Link Cable (your choice) and no AC Adapter is included because it derives its power from the Primary Light.

Light Kit Contents (before adding any upgrades or additional Secondary Lights*):

* You will receive 1 additional Link Cable and Mounting Option with each additional Secondary Light added to your order (see 2nd dropdown menu above). 

5 ( 5 / 5 )
A big savior for displaying art at events! I never have to worry about bad lighting specifically when the default lighting at an event is more of a mood lighting or if I’m displaying in a shadowy corner. It still visibly illuminates brightly even in decent lighting. Makes my art absolutely glow, so I’m happy!
5 ( 5 / 5 )
This is the best system for mobile lighting at trade and art shows. It's a very well made product and customer service is spectacular.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Great product.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
This is my 8th light. The reason I bought an additional light is because of the intensity, ease of installation, and small footprint of the battery. I will be buying additional lights in the future.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I bought two sets (4 lights and 2 batteries) along with the hard cover carry case and boy am I happy! No more cords hooking up individual lights to small battery packs that don't last a full day. Easy to put up and take down. They are an investment but one I am happy to make. I design jewelry and these lights are perfect! They are cool to the touch and the batteries lasted the entire show day (8 hours) with more juice to spare. Don't be put off by the price. It's an investment you wish you had made sooner.

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