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Exceeded Expectations

I was looking for an alternative to paying high electric cost at Expos and Trade Shows for the lighting of my banner signs and displays. I didn't find anything that was practical that wasn't thousands of dollars. In my former business for 22 years I designed lighting for commercial and residential projects and knew what would make my booth stand out. I needed portability, ease of set up, and the correct focused intensity and color of light to have the best appeal. When I found Silicon Lightworks on the internet I was quite surprised and a little skeptical. Their products are everything I was looking for, small and portable at a very affordable cost. What was the catch? I called the company to see if they had a good knowledge base of display and banner lighting concepts. They were able to answer all of my questions, so I purchased their products. I have now used their lighting package at many shows (the lights paid for my investment in electrical savings after only 3 shows) the battery is small and easily concealed and will last up to 8 hours powering 2 lights. The crisp white color of the light shows my banner and display perfectly. Amazing light intensity that really makes my booth pop compared to others. Very focused to prevent glare. I am very pleased with my purchase and with my lighting background I am very discerning. I purchased extra batteries and recommend everyone does the same it makes it so easy to always have a fresh battery ready to go. Impressive product!
Silicon Lightworks: This review was originally posted for our SK2 Light Kit (Black), and is included here as well because the purchased light kit included 2 Black S-700 Display Lights.