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Mighty fine for Artists Alley tables

Exactly 7.5 hours with one battery and two lights. There's no wind-down of lights subtly dimming - they shut right off. Two lights are all you need for a single table. They're a great temperature for art and jewelry, I was worried they'd be cold, but they were just so slightly warmer than the ceiling halogens, it was a great effect. Buying another battery so that I can do longer shows with them on.
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Show Lights

I tested my lights with a light meter when I received them. The output stayed on at a steady output the entire 8 hours. I was very happy with the performance of the lights. The only downside is the power button seems to be inconsistent. I'm never sure how long I have to hold the button in to get the lights on.
Silicon Lightworks: Thanks for your feedback Mark. In general your Mobile Power Center (MPC) will turn-on when you press and hold the power button for roughly 3-5 seconds (we refer to this as "long pressing" the power button). However, you will experience some variability in this 3-5 second time period if you attempt to power-on your MPC immediately after it has powered-off. Please understand that after powering-off, your MPC needs about 10 seconds to fully "reset" itself (several self-diagnostic tests are performed during this period). If you try to turn the MPC back on during this brief "reset" period, it will likely not turn-on at all or turn-on in a delayed fashion. To avoid this, it's best to wait about 10 seconds after your MPC has powered-off before attempting to turn it back on.