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SL-700 Secondary Light (Silver)

SL-700 Secondary Light (Silver)


Up to 3x brighter than standard LEDs

SAVE OVER 15% by purchasing this exhibit light within one of our SL-700 Light Kits!

This light requires a Primary Light for power

This Secondary Light is designed to be connected to and powered by a Primary Light using the included 5ft or 10ft Link Cable, creating a chain of lights powered from a single power source. You can connect up to 5 lights at once (1 Primary + 4 Secondary) to our Standard AC Adapter or battery and up to 10 lights at once (1 Primary + 9 Secondary) to our High-Power AC Adapter. Please see "Product Details" below for additional important information.

Product Code: SL-700ss
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* Power Supply:

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Optional Upgrades (Save Over 25%!):

     This straight-arm Secondary LED Light it is often referred to as a "display light" in the trade show industry and is ideally suited for illuminating standard display structures, such as wall panels, hop-up displays, hanging banners and pipe & drape setups. This powerful LED arm light is also great for art fair / craft festival booth and tent lighting. Our proprietary "narrow flood" bulb design compares very favorably to a 200W halogen light and provides excellent coverage for surfaces up to 4 feet wide. Incredibly, this light runs approximately 16 hours with our lithium-ion Mobile Power Center battery (sold separately), eliminating the need to purchase electricity at your next event! 

Creating a Chain of Lights: All of our arm lights are designed to easily connect together using a single power source (i.e. from a plug-in AC Adapter or battery). To create a chain of lights, you simply connect a Primary Light (sold separately) to a power source. An additional Secondary Light may be connected to the Primary Light (or another Secondary Light) using its included Link Cable. You may power/link up to 5 lights at once (1 Primary + 4 Secondary) to our Standard AC Adapter or Mobile Power Center battery. You may power/link up to 10 lights at once (1 Primary + 9 Secondary) to our High-Power AC Adapter. 

Please note: Secondary Lights are identical in construction and design to Primary Lights. The only difference being a Primary Light comes with an AC Adapter and 10ft Power Cable and always is positioned as the first light in the chain to provide power to all additional connected lights. By comparison, a Secondary Light comes with either a 5ft or 10ft Link Cable and no AC Adapter is included because it derives its power from the Primary Light.


  • Industry leading 120 lumens per watt "chip-on-board" LED technology.
  • Straight-Arm optimized for larger display surfaces, but also works well with pop-up banner stands & table-top displays.
  • Proprietary "narrow flood" bulb design great for casting light over wide areas.
  • Runs approximately 16 hours with our li-ion Mobile Power Center (sold separately).
  • Adjustable base allows you to customize arm angle for added flexibility & design.
  • Can be attached to virtually any surface with 9 different mounting bracket and clamp options.
  • Swivel head pivots 180 degrees and rotates 350 degrees.
  • Las Vegas Approved.


  • Compact size and ultra-light aluminum makes transport a breeze.
  • "Natural White" color temp is great for enhancing the color quality of graphics.
  • Anodized aluminum finish is more durable and scratch resistant than paint.
  • Increased flexibility with plug-in or battery power options (both sold separately).
  • Saves time & money: eliminates electric fees & waiting for power installation if running on battery!


  • Power: 6 Watts
  • Light Output: 720 Lumens (120 lumens /watt)
  • Operating Life: up to 40,000 hoursBest Trade Show Display Light | Beam Angle and Color Temp
  • Color Temp: 4200K (natural white)
  • Beam Angle: 90 degrees (narrow flood)
  • Stem: 20" Long x 0.35" OD
  • Link Cable Length: 5ft (standard) or 10ft (upgraded)
  • Weight (light fixture & bulb only): 6oz

What's Included:

  • 1  SL-700 Secondary LED Exhibit Light fixture
  • 1  Ultra-bright 6 Watt LED "narrow flood" bulb
  • 5ft Link Cable (upgrade to 10ft length available above)

​* This light does not come with an AC Adapter and therefore requires a Primary Light or Mobile Power Center battery for power.


Trade Show Arm Light Comparison - 6W vs 15W

5 ( 5 / 5 )
excellent light
5 ( 5 / 5 )
These portable lights are lightweight, easy to assemble and last all day when fully charged. Highly recommend especially if your business does a lot of shows.

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