7 Tips For Creating Eye-Catching Trade Show Graphics

Posted by Traci Browne 12/18/2017 0 Comment(s) Trade Show Exhibition,

Seven Simple Tips For Creating Trade Show Graphics:


On a busy trade show floor, you have just a few seconds to capture a potential buyer’s attention as they pass by your booth. Well-designed graphics can be one of the best ways to immediately communicate why someone should take the time to stop and talk with you. Listed below are 7 simple tips to help you create great looking and effective trade show graphics:


1. Keep it brief - It’s tempting to use your booth signage to convey everything your company can do for a prospect. However, when it comes to booth graphics, less is more. Your sign’s message should be short and sweet. Each graphic should focus on a single benefit you provide instead of listing all your product or service’s features.


2. Say It With an Image - There are times when a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Experiment with a striking image that is sure to catch the eye of a passer-by and one that conveys the benefit of your product or service even better than a few words could do.


3. Don’t Get Fancy With Fonts - You may love that nice script font that you use in your brochures and on your website, but it doesn’t work on graphics. Keep your fonts simple and easy to read from a distance.


4. Let People Know Who You Are - Brands like Nike and Apple can get away with decking their booth out with just their logo, but you need to be more obvious. Make sure your company name is prominently displayed. Overhead signage is ideal for visibility from far away, but also have your business name presented at eye level as well.


5. Add a Tagline - In addition to your business name, add a tagline that succinctly describes what you do for a potential buyer. That way even people who have never heard of your company before, will know exactly what you do and if your services are something they need.


6. Consider Digital Signage - Does your business serve different markets or various types of customers or personas? If you exhibit at trade shows with very different audiences, you can save money by using digital signage. Reserve your print graphics for messages that resonate with everyone, and use changeable digital signage for messages that resonate with each particular audience.


7. Put a Spotlight On Your Company - Take a page from the theater and use lighting to draw your audience’s attention to what you want them to focus on. Use direct lighting (our C-700 or S-700 LED Exhibit lights are a great choice), to really make your graphics stand out.  


Bonus Tip: Don’t fall victim to Murphy’s Law. Be sure to pack a thumb drive with all your print ready graphic files. If your signage gets lost in transit or skewered by a forklift, you can always run to the closest print shot to get another set.


What are some of the best eye-catching signs you’ve seen on the trade show floor, and what was it about them that caught your attention? 


-Traci Browne

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