Mobile Power Center Storage & Handling



Our Mobile Power Center can be stored from 0°F to +140°F at up to 80% relative humidity. However it is best stored below 68°F in a cool, dry, well-ventilated facility free from corrosive gas or vapor. Storage at elevated temperatures (above 110°F) will degrade battery performance and reduce battery life. Storage at low temperatures may affect initial battery performance. Extended storage may require a few regular operating cycles to restore full accuracy to the fuel gauge.


Storing any lithium-ion battery, including the lithium-ion battery inside our Mobile Power Center, in a fully charged state for an extended period of time (i.e. over 10 days) will damage the battery and reduce battery life. Similarly, storing any lithium-ion battery in a fully discharged state for an extended period of time will also damage the battery and reduce battery life. Therefore, when storing your Mobile Power Center for extended periods, we recommend maintaining a state of charge between 30-70%. This will help maximize battery performance and increase battery life. Also, we recommend fully cycling (i.e. fully charging and discharging) the Mobile Power Center at least once every six months (and then recharging to 30-70% if storing) to maximize battery performance and increase battery life. To learn more about how voltage affects li-ioin batteries, click here.



  • Avoid shorting the Mobile Power Center
  • Avoid exposing the Mobile Power Center to excessive shock or vibration
  • Do not use modified chargers
  • Do not use a Mobile Power Center that has been damaged in any way
  • Do not immerse the Mobile Power Center in water
  • Do not expose the Mobile Power Center to fire
  • Do not dispose of the Mobile Power Center in fire
  • Do not disassemble or deform the Mobile Power Center
  • Keep the Mobile Power Center out of the reach of children
  • Always charge using specified Silicon Lightwork’s AC Adapters only
  • Never charge more than 1 Mobile Power Center using our standard 29 Watt (1.5 Amp) AC Adapter