Stop Wasting Money!

Convention centers charge on average over $155 per show for only 500 watts of power, not including labor! (see chart below). Eliminating this fee translates into real bottom line savings that really add up over time. In effect, our battery operated light kits actually pay for themselves in only 2 or 3 events.


And if you’re worried about having power to charge your cell phones, tablets or laptops, our lithium-ion Mobile Power Center has a built-in USB port capable of charging nearly every cell phone or tablet device today! In additon, we offer an optional Univerisal Connector Pack that includes 11 of the most common connector tips used today. With these 11 interchangeable tips, you can turn our Mobile Power Center into a universal charging station capable of charging most laptops, netbooks and other electronic devices that operate between 12 to 19 volts.



2017 Survey of Electrical Cost

U.S. Trade Show Venues with Over 500,000 Sq Ft of Exhibit Space


survey of electricity rental fees at the largest trade show exhibit venues