Warranty Policy

All defective products MUST be returned to us for inspection. If you experience a product defect during the product's stated Warranty Period (as listed below), we will repair or replace the defective item based on our study of the product once it is returned to our warehouse. The Company accepts no responsibility for the improper installation and use of purchased products. We do not warrant damage or abuse of any kind. If your product shows signs of impact, abuse or trauma, we will not replace it. Furthermore, we do not warrant normal wear and tear. Never disassemble your product, regardless of your skill level, expertise or qualifications. We will not replace a disassembled product. Should your product be defective, please fill out our product return form (click here for return form) to obtain a return authorization number. Defective products will not be accepted without a return authorization number.


Warranty Period (from date of purchase):

(1) Lighting Products: 1 Year

(2) Lithium-Ion Battery Packs: 180 Days

(3) Lighting & Battery Accessories: 1 Year