Summer Craft Fair Survival Tips

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Ten Tips for Surviving Summer Outdoor Craft Fairs


The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, which means we are heading into outdoor craft show season. Here are our top ten summer craft fair tips to ensure you'll survive the summer season with ease!


1. Whirling Winds - When we think about outdoor art shows and craft fairs it is usually heat and rain we worry about. However, the wind can wreak havoc as well. Be sure to tie or weigh down everything in your tent—including your tent. If you can knock it over with your arm or hip, Mother Nature can knock it over with her huffs and puffs.


2. Rain, Rain; Go Away - Did you know popup craft fair tents are probably not waterproof. Not to worry, you can buy fabric waterproofing spray at just about any hardware store. Look for one that includes UV fabric protector to extend the life of your canopy.


3. Solar Power - The last thing you want is for your cash register (aka phone) to die in the middle of a busy day. A solar phone charger will ensure you’re open for business from morning until night.


4. Put It On Ice - You’ve got enough to haul into the craft fair. Skip the heavy, bulky cooler and pop your bottles of water or juice in the freezer overnight. You’ll have an icy beverage to keep you cool while the sun beats down.


5. Keep It Light and Loose – Covering up actually protects from the heat and the sun. Consider how people dress in hot climates such as Southeast Asia and India. Loose, light-colored fabrics will protect you from the sun’s intense rays while keeping you comfortable.


6. Laminate for Longevity - Poster board and cardboard can wilt in high humidity. Keep your signs looking fresh in humid weather by laminating them.


7. Protect Your Flank - Be prepared for wind and rain when it sneaks up on you. Even if it looks like the skies are clear, attach side panels or plastic sheeting to your tent when you set it up. You can roll them up and out of the way, but you’ll be thankful you did when the wind picks up, or it starts to sprinkle.


8. Four Legged Friends - Be sure to put out water bowls if you cater to four-footed customers of the canine variety. A chance to hydrate Fido will draw puppy parents into your booth and just might convince them to open their wallets.


9. Spare Duds - There’s a good chance that you’re going to get wet during a downpour as you scurry to make sure your art is high and dry. Instead of shivering and looking like a wet mess all day, change into that fresh dry outfit and carry on.


10. Small Plates - Big meals take more energy to metabolize and expending that energy is going to make you hot. Instead, eat small snacks throughout the day to keep your energy up, your mind alert, and your body temp comfortable.


Follow these ten tips and not only will you stay cool and dry, but you will also be providing shoppers refuge from the elements. Do you have a favorite summer craft fair or art festival tip? Please share it in the comment section below.


-Traci Browne

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